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Play Machines Online Short Course


Online STEM and SKILLS development Course designed for children to ignite their Creativity and Imagination through 

Learn and Play

About Play Machines Course:

Play machines is an online interactive building course where children will build their engineering models online with their Young Engineers Instructor. A theoretical STEM lesson will be presented during each lesson followed by an engineering building phase, using your own Young Engineers set. Read more….

Benefits of the Play Machines Course:

  • Extramural activity in the comfort of your own home.
  • Students get to own their own equipment set to continue the Young Engineers STEM learning at home
  • Hands-on learning activities enhance concentration and attention levels. The more physical skills students learn, the more confidence they have to engage in the difficult subjects like STEM.
  • Young Engineers teaches students not only the practical skills needed to survive the tech world, but also skills such as innovation, creative thinking and entrepreneurship.
  • Our after-school programmes, through a problem-based learning approach, challenge students to take the information they have learned in the class and apply it to a real engineering problem – this reinforces the concepts and also helps build their self-confidence

Who can register for the course:

The course is best for girls and boys between the age of 6 – 10 years


How to register for the course and order your Play Machines Set

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