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About Young Engineers Education Franchise

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The franchisee will be operating an exclusive territory and will be given the full support of e² Young Engineers. The franchisee will be updated regularly with all the innovations and changes in the children’s franchise enrichment market and in the education franchise market, while assistance with all professional issues, including marketing, management, personnel and operations, will be gladly given.franchise educationYou’ll find that there is no need to build a new business up from scratch. A one-time only low investment will give you the opportunity to get started with a successful business, and of course the professional and financial backup of our company. All e² Young Engineers franchisees will be offered assistance in obtaining a bank loan for this purpose.

The company will provide each franchisee access to our unique education programs, our Young Engineers special kits, organized curriculum and lesson plans, model building instructions, and procedural labor manuals. The purpose of our group is to spread and increase the number of franchisees around the world in order to help children enjoy the beauty of the educational world while giving franchisees the potential to earn accordingly.

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