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e² Edutainment Method

young engineers 3d appe² Young Engineers (ESYE) represents thousands of children around the world who participate in our unique edutainment curriculums, which teach basic scientific principles and complex subjects in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), Machinery and Software Engineering through the use of games. The essence of the method is based on theoretical studies, researches and statistic tests.

Our focus at e² Young Engineers is on the future generations of engineers and scientists. Our initiative has always been to establish an original and unparalleled education approach to assisting the engineers of tomorrow by creating engaging educational solutions early on. we allways seek to offer every child in the world the opportunity and confidence to enter a challenging world by providing an encouraging, hands-on environment for developing the necessary skill set.

“DO NOT FORCE IT” – Young Engineers Edutainment Method

Our edutainment method “Do Not Force It” has been created by e² Young Engineers’ CEO & Founder Mr. Amir Asor.

Asor, 28, is a BA graduator in Computer Science & Economy, had learning disorders as a child. Few years ago Asor volunteered as a paramedic in emergency rooms in a lot of hospitals. One basic principle of hospitals and emergency rooms method started the idea of ESYE in his mind. It was the principle of individual care and personal attention to every single patient’s needs in a large group of patients.

Asor had understood then that a teacher in a class teaching in his own method without allowing every child to use his own learning capacity, has much in common with a doctor enter a ward declaring: “Today everybody gets a flu shot!”. Obviously, each patient has his own needs, and so has every student.

Eventually, One brave decision and personal experience gave Asor the privilege of creating the Young Engineers Curriculums, which every child can understand and enjoy from.

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