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Why Young Engineers education programs? Because they work!

After four years of activity, rapid growth and global expansion, a statistical association has been established that proves those participating in the various Young Engineers education program show clear signs of increased concentration and creativity, as well as success in science studies. 

Young Engineers education programs are based on a “do not force it” method. This progressive method of learning gives children the best tools to learn significant theoretical content, and helps them to overcome their restraints while encouraging independent thinking.     

 The Benefits of Participating in

Young Engineers Education Programs

  • Developing creative independent thinking
  • Developing analytical skills and engineering processes
  • Developing the ability to cope with failure
  • Developing mathematical thinking
  • Expanding horizons
  • Building confidence and a sense of emotional self-efficacy
  • Increasing concentration levels
  • Degree of order and organization
  • Developing leadership group activity
  • Children and parents can enjoy this fun hobby together
  • Building a sense of belonging, social development and work capacity interpersonal communication

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