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About e² Young Engineers

Young Engineers education programs rationally adopt an edutainment (the combination of education and entertainment) approach. We have developed a variety of different programs that can be used to teach the most important subjects. Children joining our educational community can happily learn the likes of arithmetic, physics, and mechanical and software engineering.

We have developed special programs and workshops suited to children at both ends of the learning spectrum, from gifted children to those with learning disabilities. Unlike traditional teaching methods, our use of stories, experiments and demonstrations ensures that all children joining our education programs will learn while they have fun. In fact, they’ll have so much fun they may not even realize they’re learning.

e² Young Engineers Uniqueness

about lego after school Our programs and workshops are completely unique, using building blocks kits specially designed for the Young Engineers community and lesson plans that are continually updated to ensure effectiveness. These education programs are as fun and exciting as they are educational, providing the right mix of edutainment, something we are proud to provide.

Statistical tests show a clear connection between participation in our e² Young Engineers programs and success at school as well as the development of an arc of skills.

e² Young Engineers education programs are recognized worldwide. In 2011, we were awarded the title of ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Youth Business International (YBI), a network of international not-for-profit organizations which is overseen by HRH Prince Charles, who is the organization’s president. The award took note of the positive effect that the company’s work has achieved, and is still achieving, and for our business performance and worldwide financial potential.

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