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e² Young Engineers PRO Team Building Workshops

Building Blocks isn’t just for kids anymore…

We offer a unique team building experience for adults through constructing our exclusively made models. we have developed sophisticated, fun and technologically challenging workshops to provide your employees with a unique and significant growth experience, where all our activities are achievable by all team members.

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Overcoming challenges as a team

Develop skills to manage stress

Develop teamwork strategies and skills

Create a playful, professional atmosphere at work

Improve conflict managements and communication

Identify leaders and enhance leadership abilities

Assist in working on trust within the team and workplace

Is YE Pro the best solution for you?

e² Young Engineers currently runs workshops for the following groups of people: 

  • Teams of 2 – 12 participants
  • Groups of any size*
  • Any corporate or school group wanting workshops that will challenge team building and communication issues
  • Great as a fun activity to “get out of the office environment”
  • Some activities are slightly more challenging, designed to really challenge personal and individual ideas versus group thinking
  • Great activities for competitive groups
  • Some activities are perfect for professional engineering groups, individuals proficient in the STEM subjects, or groups wanting to learn something new
  • Marketing and sales teams wanting to exercise those sales muscles through play
  • Adults wanting to play with blocks…

*subject to availability

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