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Algo Play Programme

Learn the Fundamentals of Coding

A revolutionary educational programme that teaches children the fundamentals of programming and robotics, using an intuitive and straightforward physical coding language. Algo Play introduces the participants to the world of robotics through a hands-on and fun educational experience. Algo Play introduces the particiapants to the world of robotics through a hands-on and fun educational experience. With the tangible coding language of Algobrix®, students begin by constructing a building block model, then create various lines of code using function and parameter blocks. Finally, by pressing the Play block, the robot will perform the coding sequence.

By matching function and parameter blocks together, the child creates a command for the robot. For example, moving it forward or turning on a red light. By putting the blocks together one after the other, it creates a code that the model will execute. Algo Play equips students with the professional skills necessary for understanding the logic behind almost any coding language that exists today.

For Foundation Phase learners.

Average lesson duration: 60 minutes

The Main Goal and Idea

  • Utilizing Young Engineers Spiral method, the introduction to the world of robotics will be based on implementing all the mechanical engineering knowledge acquired in previous programmes.
  • Software and Mechanical Engineering principles: algorithm planning; functions and parameters; conditioning; loops; multithreading; debugging; race conditions; sensor applications and more.

Programme Objectives

  • Develop procedural-logical and algorithmic thinking
  • Learn the basics of computer programming
  • Acquire sense of control through learning and self-empowerment
  • Develop high-order thinking skills through metacognitive thinking, problem-solving, creativity and teamwork

Algo Play Themes

  • Gadget and games
  • Amusement park rides
  • Various types of transportation machines
  • Modern robots to execute common tasks