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e² Young Engineers (ESYE) South Africa represents children who participate in our unique education curriculums. Our sessions provide theoretical knowledge and practical implementation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) basics.

Young Engineers provide an engaging, hands-on learning platform. The educational goals are achieved by using building blocks assembly kits uniquely designed by our staff, demonstrating the scientific principles in a fun and accessible fashion; combining experiments that form scientific intuition with stories that capture the imagination.

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Play Machines Online Short Course

Provide your child with an unforgettable learning experience. Build exciting machines and learn STEM concept in the comfort of your home.

For ages: older than 6 years

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DSC_0589-2Big Builders

This unique curriculum develops children’s tactile, motor, and spatial skills while teaching introductory engineering principles.

For ages: 4-6

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LCPowerPlant (32)

 Bricks Challenge

Learning the principles of engineering and theoretical physics in an intuitive way by building models while enhancing motor skills.

For Ages: 7-11

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Algo Play

A revolutionary educational programme that teaches children the fundamentals of coding and robotics.

Foundation Phase learners

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Galileo Technic

Investigation of machinery from a professional perspective of engineers. This curriculum will focus on teamwork and finding solutions to build complex machines.

For Ages: 10-13 OR Bricks Challenge Graduates 

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Robo Bricks

Robo Bricks introduces children to both the theoretical and the practical sides of mechanical engineering and software development.

For Ages: 10-13 OR Galileo Technic Graduates 

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DSC_0665Robotics & Software Engineering 

Curriculum for teaching theory and applications in engineering and software, combining mathematical and physical investigation with software engineering.

For Ages: 10-14 OR Robo Bricks Graduates

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birthdayBirthday parties

Our birthday parties offer your child and friends the opportunity to build a fun building blocks model.

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 Holiday clubs

Our holiday clubs enrich boys and girls while they are having fun.

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